The Group Seventh Basketball Competition Program

Time: 2021-04-10 00:00:00

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In order to build a healthy and civilized corporate culture atmosphere, enrich employees' spare time, improve the overall quality of employees, and enhance the friendship of the group company, this basketball game is specially held.

First. Registration requirements for basketball games

1. The registration scope of basketball games is all employees of the Group.

2. Form three basketball teams. The first team: Shandong Xinli Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., Shouguang Yujing Trading Company, Qingdao Hongxiang Fanyu Trading Co., Ltd .; the second team: Weifang Yujing Glass Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Kangcheng Timber Co., Ltd., Shouguang Aoqili Supermarket; Third Party Team: Shandong Hailan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd .; 8-15 people per team, no foreign aid is allowed. If foreign aid is found, cancel the team ’s Competition qualifications. All units are requested to submit the list of participants to the Group's Enterprise Management Office before 17:00 on April 16.

Second, the arrangement of the game

1. Competition venue: the basketball court on the west side of the People's Government of Yangkou Town

2. Competition time: April 27, 2019, 9:00 am to 10:00 am, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and 14:00 pm to 15:00. The specific schedule is determined by lottery. In case of rain or other weather factors If the game cannot be carried out normally, the Enterprise Management Office will notify you according to the actual situation.

3. The game takes the form of three participating teams drawing lots to play a round-robin game: 0 points for a losing game and 1 point for a winning game. If there is a tie and overtime is 5 minutes, the winner will be determined. Finally, the ranking will be based on the points. In the same way, the champion of the game is determined based on the relationship between the two teams and the best player is judged. The competition finally selected a strong team that could represent the corporate image of the group company.

4. The number of players per team is 5 and there is no limit to the number of substitutions.

5. The referee group is hired by the enterprise management office (Zhang Xiaomin, Sun Hongqiang).

6. Judging Committee: Li Minghai, Zhang Xiaomin, Sun Hongqiang, Zhang Wenyong, Zhu Jianfang.

Third. Competition Discipline

1. Ten minutes before the start of the game, players from each team should check in at the scoreboard. If they have not arrived for more than 10 minutes after the start of the game or if the personnel is uneven, they are deemed to abstain automatically.

2. Each team will register strictly according to the requirements. If there is any violation of the registration rules, the player will be disqualified. The team that violated the rules will be sentenced to 10 points behind the start of the game.

3. All participating team members shall ensure the principle of "Friendship First" in the competition. Off-site spectators shall not disturb the order of the competition. Otherwise, they will be disqualified from watching the competition and be subject to disciplinary treatment and will be notified throughout the factory.

4. There are 2 referees, 3 timers and scorekeepers for each game.

Fourth, the game rules

1. The game is divided into the first half and the second half, with 20 minutes each half and 15 minutes rest in the middle. Intermittent stoppages, free throws, substitutions and other non-stop tables. Only after the last 5 minutes of the second half can you request suspension, free throws, substitutions and other stop tables.

2. After the first half kick-off, the second half will serve alternately.

3. More than 7 fouls in each half of the game. If the foul is committed again, the opponent will get two free throws.

4. Players who have accumulated five fouls in the match will be sent off.

5. In the whole game, each team has only five opportunities to request a timeout, twice in the first half and three times in the second half. Pause time 30s. Unlimited substitutions.

6. If there is a suspension or substitution request during the match, the company can only lead the team to the scoring station to make the request. The staff at the scoreboard then prompts the referee to suspend (or substitute). The referee on the court has a special timeout. The team leader and the players on the court cannot directly request a timeout from the referee on the court.

7. Players make foul actions that do not reflect the spirit of athletes, such as hitting people, intentionally injuring others, etc. After such a situation, players will be punished out of the court. 

8. The game ends when the timekeeper signals the end of the game; the shot before the end of the game time, if the ball is in the air before the signal is sent, the shot is valid.

9. Abstain: When the game starts, when one team has less than five players, the ball game shall not start. After 15 minutes of playing time, if the team fails to arrive or there are still fewer than five players, the referee will order the team to abstain and the opposing team will win. Win.

10. If the player is injured during the match, immediately suspend the match and go to the relevant staff for wound treatment. If the situation is serious, please send it to the hospital immediately.

11. During the game, the referee, the staff, the opponent, and the teammates must be respected.

12. The corporate management office of the group company has the final power of interpretation and adjudication.

Fifth. Competition supplies and budget:

1 timer, scoreboard (provided by Zhang Wenyong); Corporate Management Office: 1 set of whiteboard and pen, 2 whistle, 2 basketball, 3 paper cups, 4 barrels of drinking water, 1 tweeter, band-aid, and other traumatic medicine Provided by the Enterprise Management Office: 3 tables and 4 chairs. Prize: To be determined. Prepare rope skipping in advance. Hanging banners. Audio + 2 microphones, items sold in the supermarket (Ruan Lifei), cleaning sanitary tools, toilet location, red host words.

Sixth. Award setting:

1. 8 basketball champions; 18 participation prizes.

2. Rope skipping: 6 team champions; participating winners; individual men's championship: 1 person, runner-up: 1 person; participating winners; individual women's champion: 1 person, runner-up 1 person, participating winners.

3. 3 people and 4 feet: 6 team champions; participating winners.

                                                    Business Management Office

                                     April 18, 2019

The Group Seventh Basketball Competition Program
In order to build a healthy and civilized corporate culture atmosphere, enrich employees' spare time, improve the overall quality of employees, and enhance the friendship of the group company, this ba
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